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We currently have ONE puppy left for sale from our most recent litter… please keep an eye out for updates:

Patouche Oulala for Sale: 

One orange and white Bitch puppy born on 5.2.18 out of “Isla” (3 Field Trial awards on Snipe) and “Milord” (Best Of Breed  at Crufts). Both parents have low hip scores and are worked. Striong working lines, hence not suited to Novice owners.

She is for sale now only due to cancellation.

Please no time wasters.


Orange and White puppy Dog born on 5/2/18.
Ready by 8 weeks old.

Patouche Milord

Horus de Tremouard X Patouche Hydi

Isla du Domaine St Anne

Ch Elite Astuce de Tremouard X  D’Viska de St Lubin

 We have previously had a gorgeous litter from this pair:

“Patouche Milord” (Horus de Tremouard X Patouche Hydi) X “Isla du Domaine St Anne” (Ch Elite Astuce de Tremouard X D’Viska de St Lubin). This pair have previously produced all the colours; inlcuding Tricolour, Orange and White, Black and White, Liver and White, and even an incredibly rare Liver Tricolour! Their last puppies were an exciting last litter, also combining Ch Elite Astuce de Tremouard in both Pedigrees.

“Milord” is a stylish young Tricolour male who is a natural retriever, covers his ground well, and swims with enthusiasm! Lovely, soft nature and a natural bobtail too. 

“Isla” is one of our French imports and has returned from France with the title of “Trialer” where she worked on Snipe. A fast bitch who retrieves like a Labrador, she also has a good, cobby conformation and is very sweet natured.

We had super puppies from this mating… All puppies are KC registered, vaccinated, tattooed and micro-chipped, legally docked, wormed and will come with 4 weeks Insurance. Both parents have excellent hips.

I prefer to talk to potential puppy owners over the phone, so please ring me…

Tel: 01986 798 336

Pictures of a typical Patouche puppy:

Our puppies are well socialised and brought up in the home…

It is a myth to think that bitches are easier to manage, more affectionate, more obedient and softer in temperament than a male. 

My findings are that what matters most is; the personality of the individual puppy and how it matches that of the potential owner. Colour and sex should be secondary to a good nature and a well made puppy. Above all each puppy has to be fit for its future function, be it a pet or working companion. 

All puppies sold will be collected at 8 weeks old, unless with previous agreement. Thereafter, boarding fees will apply if not able to collect then.

A well bred male puppy is even tempered, honest and just as eager to please.  Food for thought!

A few things to Consider

When choosing the Brittany (who are part of the Hunter Pointer Retriever breed) a few facts have to be borne in mind:

Unlike many breeds of gundogs in the UK; the Brittany remains truly dual purpose in the fact that even if sold as a pet or other, he/she will retain its working ability and hunting instinct.  As in France; their country of origin, a dog cannot be just a show Champion or just a Field trial Champion.  A show dog needs a field trial award and vice versa, a field trial Champion will need a “show” qualification.

What this means is that your future puppy will still hunt and quarter the fields but if not trained and let off the lead at a young age, could very well hunt the whole of the county in 5 minutes flat!

A puppy will need to explore and use his nose, keeping it on the lead until he/she is a teenager (6 to 7 months) is a recipe for disaster.  A Brittany has a reputation for being a little stubborn, this is not correct, it’s his passion that will take over in doing what he is bred to do.

This is a very intelligent breed, calm in the house, affectionate, very versatile and will happily do obedience, agility, working tests, trials and all sorts.  However a good training regime is essential so the Brittany does not become a hooligan, a title which is only the fault of the owner, not the puppy.

He is good with children, though can be boisterous for little ones as he likes to jump up to be closer to his owners.  Children should also be aware that playing rough games like tug of war with toys without letting the pup have them back, could result later in “mouthing” over excitement and possibly becoming dominant.


A dog is like a person, they need “chill out” time with a place of their own and time to sleep.  Remember a responsible breeder will always give you back up if you think things are going wrong.

The Brittany is the most rewarding breed one could wish for, and I hope this paragraph will help in your future choice…


Part-Trained Dogs


 We occasionally have part-trained youngsters available for sale.

They will usually be quartering and retrieving to hand, recalling, be house trained and socialised – depending on their age.

Please contact us for further information.

Help & Advice

We are always happy to help and advise you on our breed. If you require information about our dog’s breeding, puppies, their working characteristics, or possibly their suitability to yourselves please feel free to contact us.

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